Three Decades of Action and Results

For the past three decades, the East Coast Zoological Society has taken a leadership role in its position as a wildlife advocate through its treasured organization, Brevard Zoo. Consistently supported and nurtured by the community in its pursuit of excellence, the Zoo continues to redefine its scope and mission to shape its role as community Zoo and our responsibility to nature in the world we live.

Since our inception, we remain focused on pursuing excellence in service to our community and our mission. With the support and involvement of thousands of volunteers and community partners, we are able to create and implement conservation and education programs that directly engage people to participate in protecting their natural environments including the crisis facing the Indian River Lagoon. We put our extensive experience to work to save animals, restore clean, healthy water to the lagoon, protect our way of life and the health of nature around us. In addition to doing our part to meet the environmental needs of our community, we’re connecting our corner of the world to larger conservation efforts at the state, national and global levels.

East Coast Zoological Society Consistently Answers the Call

To Challenges Facing Nature 

Recognized nationwide as one of the most highly respected animal wellness programs in the nation
Setting best practices in education, conservation and sustainability
Rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles and returning them to the wild
Restoring water quality in the Indian River Lagoon by building shorelines with oysters, mangroves, and clam beds, as well as planting seagrass.
Breeding endangered Perdido Key beach mice and returning them to the wild
Participating in Florida Shorebird Alliance initiative to protect 75 unique bird species
Translocating Florida scrub-jays facing habitat loss to new homes
Giving a home to orphaned wildlife
Participating in global conservation programs, including AZA initiative SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction)

Sharing Our Joy of Nature to Help Wildlife and People Thrive

We do not waver on our mission to stand up for the interconnected fates of people, animals, water, and vegetation – it is imperative we find solutions to thrive successfully, together. We do this work because it matters, not just to our local region, but to the world. Each time we are given a challenge, we know we must step up.

Brevard Zoo Mission Literature

You are Essential to

Our Legacy

This campaign is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accelerate the positive impact of the East Coast Zoological Society’s work through Brevard Zoo and the new aquarium complex.